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You are looking for Used Cars in Calgary, Canada.
See below for a list of used cars.

Photo Make&Model Year Province Town Mileage Price
1 Nissan 350z 2006 Alberta Calgary 141000 8,000 US
2 Nissan 350z 2003 Alberta Calgary 141000 26500
3 Nissan 350z 2005 Alberta Calgary 141000 33000
4 Nissan 350z 2006 Alberta Calgary 141000 8000
5 Nissan 350z 2006 Alberta Calgary 141000 8000
6 Nissan 350z 2006 Alberta Calgary 141000 8000

Buying used cars in Calgary

An even better option for people is to go with used cars, cars which are in perfect working condition and also looking excellently. The difference between the new and the used cars are generally the mileage, but there are some cases in which the latter will maybe have some minor damages, like scratches, a small dent here and there and so on. But overall it's nothing that can't be fixed.

Practically every car model that is available for sale as new will also be available to be sold as a used car. The prices will be discounted between ten to fifty percent, depending on the car model, make and condition of the car. That being said people can easily save a lot of money by purchasing a used vehicle. So basically if someone is interested in purchasing a new (used) car, what will the steps required to take be for that individual?

Rust signs
If there are any signs of rust, then this is not good news as it's the only thing that scars soon-to-be car buyers away like crazy. In order to rule out lemons the buyer should ask the seller as many questions as possible. The car's history must also be checked using a service like Carfax for instance, which will easily let people in on the vehicle's number of title changes, mileage or any info regarding the car being salvaged or wrecked.

Bringing a knowledgeable friend along for a second opinion
Make sure that when you will want to buy used cars in Calgary you will also bring a friend, as he will not only be able to give you some advice, but he could be used in order to check if the lights will turn on (like the dome light, the turn signals, hazards, tail lights, headlights, brake lights), the wipers and so forth. The tires must also have a good tread.

Test driving the car
It's time that you will get behind the wheel and test drive the car, as it's one of the most important aspects when you are interested in purchasing used cars in Calgary. How does it feel when you start it? How about on the road? Does it feel like it's going to fall apart when you will cruise with it at its maximum speed? Be sure that you will also check the acceleration from 0 to sixty miles per hour and see if that's congruent to the info the car dealer provided you about it.

While test driving the car don't forget to test the brakes, as they are one of the most important functions of a car. Try to get some speed and then brake sharply. Is the car responsive? Do you feel an immediate pull or the car just slows down progressively? If this is the case, then you might want to consider another car or get it for a cheaper price and then change the breaks on your own. After this step the car will have to be checked by a mechanic to see if everything's alright. It costs around sixty dollars and you will finally be able to buy the car you wanted and be sure it's still in great condition!