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You are looking for Used Cars in Toronto, Canada.
See below for a list of used cars.

Photo Make&Model Year Province Town Mileage Price
1 Mazda Mazda 6 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 15,900
2 Audi Cooper 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 33,600
3 Honda Accord 2011 Ontario Toronto 141000 25,634
4 Honda Accord 2006 Ontario Toronto 141000 9,888
5 Honda Odyssey 2011 Ontario Toronto 141000 28,139
6 Fiat 500 2012 Ontario Toronto 141000 18,000
7 Honda Civic lx 2008 Ontario Toronto 141000 13,632
8 Honda Pilot 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 32,272
9 Honda Crv awd 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 21,489
10 Honda Odyssey 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 29,526
11 Honda Civic 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 16,639
12 Honda Accord 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 20,639
13 Honda Civic 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 15,527
14 Honda Crv awd 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 23,564
15 Honda Civic 2008 Ontario Toronto 141000 11,039
16 Honda Civic 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 14,628
17 Honda Accord 2008 Ontario Toronto 141000 14,587
18 Honda Accord 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 15,637
19 Bmw Mx5 miata 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 9,900
20 Honda Crv awd 2008 Ontario Toronto 141000 19,699
21 Honda Crv awd 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 29,359
22 Honda Civic 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 12,594
23 Toyota Fj cruiser 2010 Ontario Toronto 141000 14,700
24 Toyota Corolla 2007 Ontario Toronto 141000 11,990
25 Volkswagen New passat 2005 Ontario Toronto 141000 9,500
26 Cadillac Escalade ext 2005 Ontario Toronto 141000 11,200
27 Ford 428 Ontario Toronto 141000 3,000
28 Bmw 328xi 2009 Ontario Toronto 141000 14,500 US
29 Ford Five hundred 2006 Ontario Toronto 141000 7,500
30 Kia Cabriolet 2011 Ontario Toronto 141000 12,999

Things to remember when buying used cars in Toronto

If you are someone who has a car that is too old to even look at, then I think you will need to hurry up and look for some cheap options out there if you don't want to spend too much cash on a new ride. The used cars in Toronto are in this case the best option you can go with and believe me that if you search well enough, you will be able to find some very sweet deals out there. So how to actually buy one such car and make sure you will make a great decision?

Know what you are looking for
This is actually the first rule which you will need to stand by when looking for used cars in Toronto. There are many variables that accompany a user car purchase and they will be the ones that make this task easy or not that easy for you. Some of the most important details you will need to know about a car before purchasing it are its mileage, model, car make and what you will actually use it for.

Makes and models
If you've driven your old car a lot and I bet you did, then making sure you will buy a solid car now is going to be a piece of cake. In order to know which car will actually last you for a long time, it's enough to remember or just take a ride once again on the highway and around your city and see what car model will actually abounds? If you see a certain car on the road more than any other models, it means that car has a great track record and it will stay longer on the road.

Be sure you will do your research well as there are plenty of online websites which can offer guidance in this regard and on top of that, you can also check the online community forums and get even professional advice from some members there. Do not forget to check out the "Consumer Reports", for they will let you in on specific info that you cannot get on your own. One example is the frequency a 1986 Monte Carlo will break down per one thousand miles.

Obviously, used cars in Toronto will come with some baggage. Before the actual test drive, this will be one of the most important factors you will need to be concerned about and while some drivers will be comfortable with a higher mileage, maybe you want that your new car will have a lower mileage, so choose accordingly. Consider warranty and remember that a car that is only a few years old and has around twenty thousand miles on it might still have some warranty left on it. Remember: if this is a car for backup, a high mileage won't be such a big problem, yet if you plan on using it for transportation, then go with a low mileage vehicle.

Lastly, why do you actually need this car for? If you want a family car with as many safety and comfort options as possible, the search becomes very easy and the same goes in the case you want a car for certain jobs like carrying furniture with it. Keeping all of these things in mind when buying used cars in Toronto will account for a great purchase!